Sweet Poison

Sugar is the evil most of us refuse to acknowledge in our day to day lives, creeping into most meals without a warning. This book cover highlights the terrifying truth about sugar, drawing readers in through a toxic rainbow skeleton which shows the juxtaposition of the much loved sweet taste and colour associated with this unwanted, fatal ingredient. With a warm feeling in your heart, sugar represents some of our most loved moments from enjoying an ice cream in the summer to celebrating your child’s first birthday, sugar is social and addictive. Slowly taking over our bodies, we’ve become sugar zombies, weakening our mental clarity and stressing our insides. This design lures the reader in with a playful yet deadly message. This hand made project was a messy one with hundred and thousands by the galore to make the metre long skeleton artwork delicately with a paint brush and PVC glue. The typography was crafted using strawberry ice cream sauce, pure poison at it’s best. The design is simple and clean to allow the handmade elements to have full focus.

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